Environmental Management and Energy Efficiency

brewery-377019_640Corporate responsibility to the environment, company reputation and so-called “Green” credentials are adding to the many change issues that organisations in all market sectors, including the energy and utilities arena, are currently facing. Consensia provides the necessary advice and support regarding impacts for new projects and to make it easy for clients by guiding them through the maze of new Environmental requirements. Working closely with our Alliance partners on new international energy and other sector projects we are able to offer Environmental Impact Studies for brown and green field developments.

We provide additional services focused in two categories.

1. Environmental Management
provides strategic assistance with the critical areas of environmental management, communication, disclosure, reporting and cost performance to clients in any business sector. An increasingly common tool used by organisations to assist with this is a formal Environmental Management System (EMS) complying with national, regional or international guidelines, and the requirements of legislation. Additionally, there is a growing trend for such an EMS to be part of an organisation’s Integrated Management System (combined with Quality and H&S) and not a stand-alone.

Our multidisciplinary understanding and associate approach means that we can offer a portfolio of services to help you through selected critical phases of EMS development, including:

2. Energy Efficiency
The world trend to energy market liberalisation, the ongoing development of improved energy technologies and the growing realisation of the interactions between energy and environment are presenting Governments, Regulators, energy providers and energy consumers with new challenges. Many leading organisations now recognize that they urgently need to adapt to today’s requirements and prepare for tomorrow’s conservation trends. Consensia, therefore, also offers client tailored, flexible services in:

  • Energy Conservation & Rational Energy Usage
  • Energy Efficiency Policies
  • Energy Management Strategies
  • New Technologies