Interim Management

office-195960_640HOW can we help?

Although our experience in largely in the Energy & Environmental areas, Consensia Limited can offer Interim Managers to any organisation (large or small) from a few days a week to a full-time contract. You only contract for the skills you need and the period that they are required. 

Payment is based solely on a daily rate plus expenses. Fees vary dependent on the level and skill of the Interim required.

Interim Management is the cost effective method of filling critical or high-level, short-term appointments. As the client, there are none of the normal staff additional costs such as National insurance. Extra value is normally added during assignments as the Interim naturally carries out knowledge transfer during the progress of the appointment.

WHAT is Interim Management?

An interim manager is one who is contracted to fill a senior management post for a limited period of time (usually from months to 2 years) in either a full-time or part-time capacity. This manager is selected by the client and is both qualified and experienced to ‘hit the ground running’ with little time spent on the learning curve

Interim Managers may be required by clients to add value by application of specific industry and general business skills for a number of reasons, possibly to act as a:

  • Change agent
  • Project manager
  • Business Development Manager
  •  Gap Manager – to cover for absence
  • Business Turnaround
  • Business Accelerator
  • Crisis Manager

It must be stressed that this is NOT a consultant position but one which takes active decision-making and responsibility within the client organisation. To emphasise some of the differences

Consultants  Interim Managers
Accountable to consultancy management Accountable to client management
Act as Advisers Have line responsibility
Make recommendations Make decisions
Learn on the job “Over-qualified” – fast start

For further information we recommend that you obtain a copy of the CBI Business Guide: Interim Management.

WHY choose an Interim Manager?

Clients may decide to select the Interim Management for a variety of reasons but there can be many benefits from choosing this path over traditional recruitment or ‘temporary promotion’ from within.

  • Interims offer combinations of the following in differing client circumstances:
  •  Provide the exact skill set required for the position
  • Allow flexibility when it is most needed
  • Cause no increase in fixed costs
  • Limited duration assignment
  • Incur no recruitment costs compared to permanent position
  •  Key client recruitment carried out in selective, un-hurried or phased manner
  • Give support to over-stretched developments, projects or teams
  • Allow client management to focus on existing core business activity
  • Can bring new ideas and innovation
  • Can bring increased drive and direction to an operation

Many organisations are now recognising the power of Interim Management and seeing it as a strategic investment as part of their overall human resources policy. Remember that the real cost of a full-time position may be many times the salary offered and that by using an Interim Manager this can be avoided.

WHO to contact

Please email your requirements for Interim Managers to mail @ One of our Directors will then contact you for a no obligation discussion of your needs to help us provide the best candidate.

Alternatively, please telephone our Managing Director Eric Harrison on +44 (0) 20 7947 1722 for a confidential discussion about your problem and needs.