Privatisation, Liberalisation and Deregulation

solar-cells-59792_1280For the global energy industry the days of stability have passed. Privatisation and the ‘liberalisation wave’ in its many forms are sweeping aside the old monopolies and ‘national champions’ and creating a new energy marketplace characterised by “mega” providers and smaller new entrant market players, retail energy convergence, increased environmental recognition, tighter industry regulation, and the growth of customer power. From practical experience we understand how energy businesses and market participants operate and change to meet the impact of developing market rules.

To meet these challenges, Consensia provides customised services to help Regulators and monopoly companies prepare for liberalisation and privatisation, and crucially to work with transition utilities and new entrants to allow them to significantly influence and take advantage of future market design. Our services are designed to offer assistance for participants in these changing industries and include:

  • Market Restructuring advice
  • Regional and National Market Reviews and Studies
  • Competitor Market and Sector Analysis
  • Mergers and Acquisition advice
  • Due Diligence & Investigative research
  • Business Restructuring and Process Transformation
  • Regulatory Strategy and Privatisation Studies
  • Operational & HR Strategic Change
  • Third Party Access (TPA) assistance
  • Energy Transportation, Storage and Shipping Logistics
  • Customer Management Studies for both I&C and Retail

Consensia consultants have been involved in and closely monitored developements in the global energy industry applying international experience of industry deregulation, strategic change and market regime development. We have hands-on experience with the the privatisations and liberalisation process in the UK, coupled with activities for the various moves towards commercialisation within Africa, working with the impacts of the EU Directives throughout greater Europe, the changing landscape in the Americas, changes in the Australasian region, and the awakening process currently under way in Central Asia.

These changes are moving at different paces and with different drivers across the worlds markets. Some countries and companies have moved ahead embracing rapid industry change and company unbundling to break up national monopolies. Others have adopted a more cautious approach, moving through some change of shareholding, national infrastructure and market developments and retain their vertical integration. Such approaches are both valid depending on local conditions and legal requirements. Companies in the energy & utility sector are, however, continuing their overall transition from state run monopolies to competitive and service-driven private sector organisations. Government and regulatory bodies are also key stakeholders in this transition, in areas such as long-term supply issues and security of supply, as well the market liberalisation processes. This balance between utility regulation and new market competition challenges Governments, regulators and utility companies alike