Project Financing & Development

office-195960_640Consensia works with entrepreneurs and growing companies by providing an independent link to international institutions, investment facilities, potential partners or alliances. We are able to draw upon the extensive executive management, business and industry experience of our team and associates to evaluate ideas and businesses, to assist with achieving necessary funding and provide services to help achieve project development and owner expectations. If you are working on a new project or evaluating a prospective opportunity, Consensia can assist by providing individuals or a team with the requisite expertise at short notice. In addition to our in-house expertise we draw on Alliance comapanies and other specialists in such areas as corporate finance, financial modelling and environmental impact. The optimised team will produce the required output cost-effectively and to the highest standards, and strict deadlines.

We provide the following Project Financing and Development services across many industrial sectors:

  • Facilitated workshop definition
  • Feasibility studies
  • Project scoping and management
  • Economic & financial analysis
  • Technical analysis
  • Geopolitical studies
  • Feasibility and market analysis
  • Due diligence & investigative research
  • Access to International Funding
  • Outlooks and scenarios
  • ROI analysis and prioritisation
  • Risk analysis
  • Gas to Power projects
  • Mergers and acquisition advice

Equally, it may be necessary to better understand a project because it is a proposal that needs to be critically evaluated, or an investment target. Consensia services are designed to offer assistance to clients to achieve this for both market and project situations.

Global industry is in the process of radical and fundamental change with traditional assumptions no longer applying and many of the traditional industry players even in existence. In this ever more complex world, gaining the necessary understanding is becoming more and more difficult and keeping ahead of competitors in the information and knowledge race is becoming tougher. There are many reasons that it may be necessary to better understand a market or capital project. For example, the market may be home to:

– A new geography or customer segment
– A potential trading partner
– A project that is a target for investment
– A company that is a target for investment or take-over

It is critical for business success, therefore, that before entering a new market or geography, or investing in a new project, the issues involved are fully understood. In this way, opportunities can be identified, problems foreseen, and risks recognised. Moreover, informed decisions can be taken on funding before capital and time are committed.